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Moritz Lembert

Facilitator, Leadership coach, dancer, choreographer   

Coming from the world of art and expression, he danced and created several theatre productions, 

traveled Europe as a facilitator and organiser of workshops and retreats on movement, meditation, and dance.

After a transformative event in his life which 

made him realise the power thought had on his life, he decided to move his effort to help others to see 

their own creational abilities.

"Nothing has impacted my own life more than realising how I was creating my experience of life“

“I love to see what happens when there is space, 

letting you become clear on what you want, and what happens when you have someone on your side that has one commitment: You! You start to transform!” 

Today Moritz works with individuals to become 

Leaders. Not only in their Business, but in their own minds.  


Moritz is trained in Shiatsu, dance, Meditation, and different forms of manual therapy. iPEC Coaching Training Program accredited by ICF, including Core Energy Leadership.

He is founder of the practice “ Melting hands”  

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